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Bali Divorce Retreats, what to do after a breakup
Cristina will be your fearless leader!

Meet Cristina: How This Woman Healed From Her Divorce in Bali

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For pricing or to apply for her upcoming retreat: Click Here

Summary: At a young age, Cristina’s Mom took her own life after a difficult divorce. Now, Cristina is dedicating her life to empower others to realize divorce is just a step towards a new life.

*The Following is a Dear Alyne Guest Post by GGG member, Cristina*

Note: If you can’t travel right now but want guidance, follow Cristina here for  free content, guided meditations, inspirational articles,  and lots of tools that can ease the process of separation.

Today I am happy to share with you the story behind Cristinas Break Up Retreats:

After 10 years of sharing life with my former partner, we got divorced. And I realized: it can either be the beginning of a joyful new chapter, or, as it happened in the case of my own parents, it can truly break one into pieces.

I lost my mother to suicide when I was 12, during a painful process of divorce from my father. She simply could not imagine life without my dad, which led to depression and determined her to see suicide as the only way to end her profound suffering. This event has impacted me throughout my entire life and
having just gone through a divorce myself after being with my former husband for 10 years, I got to discover how I could finally do something for others. At the time, I was way too young to be a pillar of support for my mom or to even understand what was happening to her in those moments.
So I resigned my management position and career in a multinational company, that I was involved in for seven years, with no second thoughts and started building YOUniverse.

Now, together with an experienced team, I am dedicating myself to supporting others to overcome the demanding challenges that separation brings.

I eventually understood that what seemed to be a dramatic change of scenery, was, in fact, a blessing in
disguise. When I thought I’m experiencing the worst, time proved that it was the best thing that could
have happened. I was given the chance to get to know myself at a deeper level and as a result, redefine who I am.

Shortly after this, I nestled in Bali, met my beloved partner, Javier, and allowed life to surprise
me. I now choose to trust Universe’s ways of bringing all that I have to experience, in order to grow
brighter every day.
All thanks to Bali’s magic…

Cristinas Break Up Retreat Sanctuary in Bali

Cristinas Break Up Retreat Sanctuary in Bali
Cristinas Break Up Retreat Sanctuary in Bali

There are so many wonderful places on this planet, I was lucky to live in quite a few during my seven
years of travels on all continents, but none has gifted me so many profound experiences as Ubud, Bali
I see it as a powerful mirror of truth, a place that pulls out the best and worst in me every day, confronts
me with my lies and my truths, amplifies all emotions, experiences, and therefore forces me to grow. It
feels like being in the arms of a strict, but very loving mother. I realized that all the energy that this place
holds is indeed life changing, it’s not just a myth.
After learning all the lessons that arose from going through my divorce, Bali taught me not only how to
understand and forgive myself, but to be at peace with all experiences that life brings.
Eventually, on a personal level, this place has gifted me so much: life purpose, self awareness, authentic
friendships and also brought my beloved partner my way, through a “massive coincidence” that I will
speak about with another occasion. I am forever grateful for Bali’s magic.

So why is Ubud, Bali the ideal destination for healing after separation?

Bali is known as a healing island
Bali is known as a healing island

Bali is known for being a spiritual and magical place. There is much more to Ubud than the bare eye can see. It raises you to a higher power and literally is heart pulsating in the rhythm of transformation and love.

Be it for the belief in ley lines, be it for the energy the locals create here through their daily ceremonies
and offerings – coming to Ubud you feel the difference and special energy, even if you believe in nothing
at all. You cannot escape the magic of its touch. It captures you from the first breath, takes you on a
journey of emotions, brings you closer to yourself, no matter how brief your moment in its embrace is.
It is easy to fall in love here. You’ve probably heard of Elizabeth Gilbert’s inspiring true story and movie,
Eat Pray Love haha! This land ignites you to fall in love, first with yourself, then with life and eventually
with another, if you’re not already experiencing that truly.

Your Team for Break Up Retreats in Bali
Your Team for Break Up Retreats in Bali

Our community’s vision and our advice to those who are going through separation
Our mission is to purely revive the sense of purpose into people’s lives and give a new meaning to life
after divorce or separation. Just because we’ve all been there, we know how it can shake one’s world
and turn it upside down. But in truth, without ignoring the challenges that separation brings, we believe
that you are gaining a brand new life and get to create your entire experience as you wish. Breakups and
divorce are often perceived as failures, but they are not not, as – in all honesty – no thing in life is. All and everything simply is an experience. An experience that expands your horizons and makes you richer
on the path that you walk on this earth. So instead of calling it separation, you can simply choose to
name it completion. Completion of an old chapter that creates space for a new beginning, more
meaningful than ever before.

From our experience, the way you perceive this change of scenery sets the ground for what will unfold
next. You are the one who holds the key to a joyful life and also the power to see that every challenging
experience is, in fact, a chance to renewal – your renewal. The moment you choose to see this, you are
in the process of truly loving yourself, and when you love yourself first, life will take care of the rest. We
deeply comprehend that loneliness can sometimes disrupt the view, so we want you to know that you
are not alone and to truly feel it!

Who is part of the team

Your Team for Break Up Retreats in Bali
Your Team for Break Up Retreats in Bali

Our community includes conscious women and men from different corners of the world: Australia, USA,
Romania, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Indonesia. Sharing the same purpose at heart, we allowed our
experience, creativity and passions to unfold into this concept. We are a team of unshakable optimists,
experienced therapists, entrepreneurs, storytellers and philanthropists, fully dedicated to supporting
you on the path of becoming your true empowered joyful self.

We’re specialized in healing workshops, therapy, yoga, sacred ceremonies, intuitive art, holding circles
for men and women, releasing trauma, integrating change, embracing transformation, all ultimately re-
connecting you to your inner guidance and leading towards the path of purposeful living.
If you would like to join or retreat in Bali, stay connected or simply want to have access to our free
content that we’re creating with love every day, feel free to join us here.

Lots of love,
Cristina Capatina
Creator & Co-Founder of YOUniverse


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